What We Offer:

  • Photo evidence of the condition of your property at 3 month intervals. (A disk with your properties photos as well as a copy of a the condition report will be sent to you).
  • Weekly arrears letters are sent to any tenant that is falling slightly behind as a reminder of their rental payment  obligations (this avoids any major arrears problems). We also make reminder calls each week to the tenants that need prompting or are slightly behind with payments.
  • Regular phone and email contact regarding any issues that may arise.
  • All maintenance will be approved by you and copies of all maintenance invoices and quotes will be sent to you via email or mail.
  • All maintenance will be checked with you as the owner prior to any repairs occurring.
  • All maintenance completed will be inspected prior to  payment of invoices to ensure the job is complete and done to satisfaction.
  • We guarantee the use of the most up to date management accounting systems for statements, tradesman payments and most importantly - management of arrears.
  • Flexibility with payment intervals - upon your request we will disburse your money fortnightly instead of monthly.
  • Direct transfer into your accounts upon request to make your money instantly available to you (no 3 day wait for clearance of cheques)
  • Very thorough REFERENCE CHECKS - a very strict procedure is followed to qualify all tenants before anyone is placed in your rental investment property. Three (3) previous rental references and employment /earnings as well as proof of identity are all required and thoroughly checked. These are all available to you and the final decision of who is placed in your property will be yours.
  • A Property Manager that also has extensive sales experience and therefore can SELL your property for rent to any potential tenant and has a thorough understanding of the importance of good rental return in relation to capital gain and selling.
  • We maintain a large database of potential tenants who are notified when a property becomes available.


Additional Extras:

  • Online agent login for all owners - you can check up on everything that is happening with your property. We are an open book.
  • Affiliated with barclay mis debt collection agency for a low fee of $55 per year you can save thousands in court costs and sleep easy at night.
  • Member of T.I.C.A - Australia's largest national database for default tenants to avoid bad experiences.